Hair Cut

Elevate your style with our precision haircut service, tailored for both gentlemen and ladies. Our stylists craft each cut with meticulous detail, ensuring a perfect look every time.

Complete your transformation with our specialized fringe cut option, adding a touch of finesse to your new appearance.

  • Gentlemen: $60
  • Ladies: $70
  • Fringe Cut: $15

Hair Wash

Treat your hair to a revitalizing cleanse that leaves it feeling refreshed and vibrant. 

For a complete pampering experience, opt for our wash and blow service, adding an extra touch of elegance to your locks. 

Alternatively, choose our wash and style option, where our skilled staff will work to create a look that’s uniquely you.


  • Wash and blow: $40 onwards
  • Wash and style: $80 onwards
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Hair Colouring

Experience the art of hair transformation with our diverse color services. Embrace a new look with full head color or bleach, stunning highlights, seamless retouching, precise toning, and more, fee is adapted to your specific hair length.

S $120 | M $150 | L $180 | XL $210

S $120 | M $150 | L $180 | XL $210

$100 < one inch length

S $60 | M $80 | L $100 | XL $120

S $50 | M $80 | L $110 | XL $140

$100 all length

*non-ammonia add-on $30

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Hair Curling

You want to have stunning curls that match your style? Our curling services have you covered. Whether you’re into digital perm, Korean wave perm, root perm, cold perm, down perm, or styling perm, our talented stylists personalize each technique just for you. 

< M $290 | < XL $350

< M $370 | < XL $430


S $150 | M $170 | L $190 | XL $210

*price are subject to gentlemen

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Hair Straightening

Imagine running your fingers through effortlessly straight strands that shine with radiance. Our stylists are here to create a look that’s as unique as you are. 

Whether you’re up for a full straightening makeover, a texture adjustment, or just a touch of partial straightening, we’re here to make it happen.

S $200 | M $250 | L $300 | XL $350

S $200 | M $250 | L $300 | XL $350


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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question for ask? Drop us an email.

The duration of a hair coloring session varies depending on the complexity of the chosen color and technique. On average, it can take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours. Our team will provide a more accurate estimate during your consultation.

When selecting a hair color, factors such as your skin undertones, personal style, maintenance preferences, and the overall look you want to achieve should be taken into account. Our experts can guide you through this process during your consultation.

To maintain your hair color, use color-safe shampoos and conditioners, avoid excessive sun exposure, and minimize heat styling. Our color specialists can recommend specific products and tips to ensure your color remains vibrant between salon visits.

Yes, we offer color touch-up services to maintain your roots or refresh the existing color. Touch-ups are a convenient option to extend the life of your color between full treatments.

Our professionals prioritize the health of your hair. We use quality heat protectants and techniques to minimize damage during styling. However, frequent use of heat styling tools can affect your hair’s condition, so it’s important to follow a proper hair care routine.

After a perm, avoid washing your hair for 24-48 hours and use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to maintain the curls’ longevity. Regular deep conditioning treatments and styling products designed for curly hair can also help keep your perm looking its best.